The Digital Portal which was launched by Colombia’s President Santos on 16 March 2018 allows citizens to track implementation of the Global Goals at the national and subnational levels in Colombia. The project is being implemented together with Colombia's Department of National Planning (DNP) and its National Statistics Authority (DANE). The project is funded by Sida through the Swedish Embassy in Bogota. 


About the project

Data Act Lab is developing together with the National Planning Department of Colombia, and Colombia's National Statistics Agency (DANE) a country owned electronic portal to track implementation of the Global Goals in Colombia.

The digital portal allows all actors to drill into the data at national and subnational levels in Colombia, access SDG data availability scorecards as well as learn about Colombia's Agenda 2030 process. The portal contains data on 156 indicators across all 17 Global Goals. Targets have been set for all indicators where Colombia wants to be by 2030. In the second phase we will actively work on its expansion, impact and richness to include deeper and richer data (if possible include non-traditional sources of data such as big data, satelite data, etc.). The project is supported by the Swedish Government (Sida).

SDG Portal website

The interactive Digital Portal presents the results of Colombia’s Agenda 2030 process and reporting framework. It contains several interactive tools to explore the data, learn about data gaps and Colombia’s Agenda 2030 process.

Goal Highlights

Allows you to tell stories with the data or include qualitative pages on challenges and opportunities around a specific goal/policy area. Visualize what policies are in place to address needs and what actions are being taken to meet goals and targets.

Data Explorer

This tool allows you to get insights into the data via maps, bar charts and line graphs. Track performance at district or city level, broken down by gender and age. Is the country meeting its targets for 2030? Who is being left behind?

Visualizing Data Gaps

What data is available and not? The tool allows you to explore the availability of data and see where the data gaps are.

Learn about Agenda 2030 

This section allows you to explore and learn about Agenda 2030 in Colombia. Navigate through Colombia’s timeline and various resources about Agenda 2030.

Data by Districts

Allows you to assess how your district compares to others. Which districts are advancing the fastest and who is left behind? Shows what policies are in place at district level to address the needs.