African Leadership Transitions Tracker

The African Leadership Transitions Tracker (ALTT) is an interactive feature that factually recounts and visually presents changes at the head of state level in every African country from independence or end of the colonial period to the present.

Development Initiatives

About the project

The Brookings Institution commissioned Data Act Lab to develop the African Leadership Transitions Tracker. The project was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mapping transitions

Through this interactive map you can explore all changes that have occurred at the head-of-state level in every African country between the end of the colonial period and the present day.

Time line transitions

Using this time line you can explore the same data of leadership transitions over the past 50 years. It gives you a quick overview of all leadership transitions and allows you to see trends in democracy. In addition you get a short summary of each head of state; how and when they came into power.