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Ongoing project

Digital Portal to track the Agenda 2030 in Colombia

The Digital Portal will allow users to track implementation of the Global Goals at the national and subnational levels in Colombia. The project is being implemented together with Colombia's Department of National Planning (DNP) and its National Statistics Authority (DANE). A prototype will be launched in 2017. The project is funded by Sida through the Swedish Embassy in Bogota.

Colombia 2030
Crash Course 2030

Crash Course 2030

Crash Course 2030 is a digital quizz which aims to make the Agenda 2030 and the global goals known to the public. The web page is divided into 5 modules with interactive quizzes, voting, etc. The purpose is to, in a simple way, allow the users to interact with the global goals and understand which specific challenges Sweden faces in the implementation of the Global Goals.

The website has been designed with information from various sources including from the World Bank, UNSDSN and Stockholm Environment Institute.

The interactive website has been developed by Data Act Lab in collaboration with Lapidus Interactive. The project is funded by Sida.

Ending rural hunger

Ending Rural Hunger is a toolkit to assess each countries’ global efforts to end hunger by 2030 (SDG2). The online platform contains data on FNS needs, policies and resources across 116 countries and merges these results with an assessment of how developed countries’ policies and aid efforts contribute to the end of rural hunger. 

Ending Rural Hunger
Development Initiatives

Development Initiatives

The Investments to End Poverty programme looks at the impact of financial resources on reducing poverty. It provides independent, reliable, accessible data and information on resource flows and promotes the idea that all resources have a role to play in getting poverty to zero.

African leadership transitions tracker

The African Leadership Transitions Tracker (ALTT) is an interactive feature that factually recounts and visually presents changes at the head of state level in every African country from independence or end of the colonial period to the present.

Africal transition tracker
Millions saved

Millions saved

Millions Saved is a collection of success stories in global health - cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries have succeeded. The initiative aims to catalyze action among a broad array of audiences.  In this project multimedia is used to bring the case stories to life in a way that text alone cannot, putting faces to statistics and voices to key actors.